Plow Discs

The discs are manufactured in top quality boron steel, under special thermal treatments that guarantee the best product.

Concave shape ideal for plowing. This allows a better airflow and organic matter incorporation, a key aspect for the correct absorption of nutrients by the crop.

Excellent edges and bevels for soil sealing and disc penetration with less effort.

Cane tools

Blades with different thicknesses, sharpness and holes for all types of needs. The blades are created to achieve a clean cut in the cane, allowing proper sealing and the growth of a new healthy shoot.

They have a special heat treatment that generates a more flexible blade, preventing them from breaking when making contact with the soil. The high hardness of the cutting blade (without affecting its elasticity) reduces wear and protects the combine harvester

Ventilator blades

Bonem blades are perfectly balanced in order to prevent vibrations. Their balance between hardness and elasticity keeps them from breaking when hitting rocks, making them safer and more resistant.

Alloy steel sheet (with thermal treatment) .

Blade carrier discs

Broad portfolio and designs for combine harvesters.

With special characteristics such as Hard Facing and a dual ring to prevent disc and base wear.

Bearing housings

Nodular cast iron.

It has tapered bearings, significantly reducing fuel consumption due to its greater efficiency of movement.

Double lip retainers that ensure total sealing, while allowing the necessary grease to be expelled thus avoiding the entry of foreign particles or materials.