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Bonem is a company with over 56 years of experience manufacturing tools for the agricultural sector. We stand out for our quality, reliability and safety that each one of our product provides.

Our Mision

To be an exemplary supplier of agricultural machinery products, satisfying our clients, employees, suppliers, and shareholders, through:

  • Quality, service, innovation, support and competitive prices.
  • Transparent relationship management.
  • Profitability.
  • Protecting the environment and people’s safety.


Our Vision

To be the commercial partner and leading supplier of our customers in products and services for agricultural machinery achieving a permanent growth of our sales and market share.


Bonem S.A., supplier of products for agricultural machinery sectors, is committed to satisfy the needs of its customers, employees and shareholders, taking special interest in protecting the environment, preventing contamination and caring for the physical integrity of its workers, visitors and contractors, by means of:

  • Good quality products and services, efficient use of natural resources, waste reduction and prevention of injuries and diseases.
  • Observance and compliance with customer, legal and other stakeholder requirements.
  • High levels of technology, productivity, and safety.
  • An excellent trained, qualified, and participative human team.
  • Continuous improvement as a culture of the people working at Bonem.
  • Passion for our customers
  • Responsibility and commitment
  • Effective execution
  • Social commitment
  • Innovation
  • Value generation
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